On the road to Longford.

Abandoned house outside of Evandale.

Woolmers Estate, Longford.

The old part of the homestead was built by Thomas Archer in 1819.


Our lovely Burmese kittens as we saw them first at 4 weeks old.


At 12 weeks Lila, Arlo and Jespha are beginning to come to life after many weeks of illness.

Corvus Coronoides

Some photos of our raven family we left behind in the Blue Mountains.

A gardener's delight.

Californian poppies.

Autumn arrivals

April heralds the arrival of the Cattle Egrets and the roving flocks of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

Waterhouse Beach

Tasman who is 77, our friend and neighbour has lived here for 40 years and shows us the best camping and picnic sites. Waterhouse Beach and Island edge Bass Strait and is a haunt of Abalone fisherpersons.

How green is our valley?

Driving to Launceston we wend our way over the Sideling range. Scottsdale lies in this valley which runs to Bass Strait.

A trip to Mathinna

Tall tree at Evercreech Reserve.

We call them Love Slugs.

Lila and Arlo four weeks old, suffering an indignity with grace. The breeder holds them out for our first close inspection.

Skyscapes from the verandah

Wildlife near and far

Herons abound in the spring time, landing in the paddock and strolling on the lawns.

Waterfalls of the North East

Mathinna Falls has 3 tiers and is perhaps the most beautiful in the region.


A pleasant fifteen minute drive from Scottsdale takes us to the coast.

Moody views from the house.

The Rainforest Walk

Driving east from Scottsdale towards the coast is the remnant Myrtle Forest walk. It is a poignant reminder of what was once here in abundance.

Summer Gold at Arrunga

The orchard has been a focus of attention for us during these summer weeks. Two large old apricot trees have born a heavy harvest of heavenly fruit.