Summer Gold at Arrunga

The orchard has been a focus of attention for us during these summer weeks. Two large old apricot trees have born a heavy harvest of heavenly fruit.

Long hot days are ripening the peaches. The loss to birds is less than we expected. The netted trees however allow the fruit to fully ripen before they fall.

Jemima Puddle Duck, the dark shadow on the left was living with the chickens when we arrived. Twinkle Toes and Lao Ping joined her in spring as little bundles of yellow fluff.

An old bath tub makes an adequate pond situated under the apricot trees. Just pull the plug and waste enriched water flows along channels to sustain the trees.

Nandi ( the cow Shiva rides) is a Ravenswood for life. He will not be sold as will the 6 other steers we have agisting on the pasture. The particular expression on his face is anticipation of a tasty treat. He is also known as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, disciple of....

the Mighty Indra! Bought by our near and dear elderly neighbour Tassie ( to whom he is known as Boy or the Menace) as a sickly calf to fatten for sale, he has become a beloved pet. Nandi we bought to be his constant companion for those times when there are no other calves.

The cows are an endless source of delight. They are curious and intelligent and have a sweet tooth. Green garden leaves, fruit droppings and even caramelized jam are appreciated.

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