We land blessedly on our feet in Scottsdale

"Arrunga" means in one of the Aboriginal languages, sanctuary.
Rod and I met in 1985 when we were both working in an inner Sydney youth refuge with that name. Over many years we have considered what we would call our first real home but the final choice came down to the fact that what we both most desired for ourselves and our extended wildlife family, was in the first instance a place of withdrawal and safety.

It was late autumn in 2007 when we moved in and though exhausted after a difficult time, Rod was at work from the first day.

This was taken looking out through a side window in our sitting room. The glimpse of water is an irregularly shaped dam which we call Swan Lake. The level rises and falls as it is used by the next door farm for irrigation of his potato crop. Indeed swans do nest and raise their cygnets in the rush verges.

This elevated hillside trimmed with a tree line is included in the the outlook I see from my sitting room chair. We watched this winter green slope grow and be cut for early hay.

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